Saturday, September 01, 2007

All rest and no play, makes Snarkolepsy go Crazy.

Oh my goodness readers.

I almost can't take it anymore. I haven't driven in 9 days. I don't have any sarcastic thoughts. No one is driving me nuts. What am I becoming? I'm scared.

2 weeks ago I talked myself into thinking that by tomorrow I would be able to spend a short amount of time at any of the events going on this long holiday weekend. But then it hit. The ring of fire. You know.. the kind of heat that on a normal day makes you second guess any activity.

I'm not going to complain about it, because everyone in the country has had their turn in the ring of fire this summer. But, it was like mother natures hand swooping down to say "don't you fucking try it". Because you know, no matter how I felt, I would have made Mr S. take me some place. Only to get to the parking lot and figure out it wasn't such a good idea. You bet I would have at least tried though.

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel slightly more irrational about the heat and leaving the house. After all.... my boobs don't control me. Right?


  1. Please buy my computer for meeee!!! I'm pathetic!

  2. I would send you email.. but this sums it up. NO.

    No Gateway. Bad Gateway.

    They are constantly on the verge of bankruptcy, and of all the places I hate shopping. Best Buy is in my top 5. If you have a problem with the system.. you don't want to be getting a warranty though Best Buy. I'd rather jab both of my eyes out, and go without the Internet. That's just me.

    Anyone of my readers Gateway lovers? Or for that matter - Best Buy lovers?

    But I'm super impressed you are still comparing. Good Grl. Thats not pathetic. Thats smart.
    I do notice you bumped way up on the hard drive though. ;-)

    Unless you find something else interesting I would go with one of the other two machines.

    Or are you trying to get something in the house by the end of tomorrow?

  3. It's like having your own child, yeah?

    I'm not rushing to get a new machine. Infact I feel kind of bad getting one. There really is nothing wrong with mine except that it is sloooowwww, and there is some kind of monster virus in it. It turns off whenever it wants, and protects itself by turning off anytime I run a scan.

    I suppose I would be better off just taking it someplace for a checkup and buying the monitor I actually want.

  4. You could alway call the Geek Squad if you have them out there -and see how much it would cost to have them look at it. But I think most of those computer shops are shysters.

    I wouldn't feel guilty about buying a new computer. These days it's like needing a car. I'm sure you could do something to atone for your guilt, and make things right with the universe.

  5. MDG,

    a suggestion: try downloading and installing a free 30 trial of "System Mechanic 7". It will try to optimize (turbo-charge) your system.

    We use this product, and like it.

    They also have an anti-virus product, but I've never tried it. But they offer a free trial period, so you might as well download and install that as well.

    Worth a shot.