Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's all about the Rapture.

Readers! Its going to be a dark, dark place in the Snarkolepsy household next week.

Halo 3 is shipping. Which should be totally awesome. But it isn't. You see -I'm totally addicted to Bioshock. The best game ever! Now I have to compete against Mr S's beloved Halo. Which should be interesting. Normally Mr S. and I are not competing for console time.

This time - we will be, and I'm going to have to muscle him out. I think I can take him.

Surely the best course of action is to lob a few grenades and take out his Halo dude. Right?

I mean.. look how fantastic this game looks!

Plus, I'm totally addicting to these little hacking games.

Courtesy of Games.gearlive.com.

If they made this part of the game into a cellphone game, I might just loose my mind. I've turned into a gambler on crack.

I know this because if you aren't able to complete the puzzle - you loose health. And I just don't care.. I'll keep trying to solve these puzzles. Damn the consequences! Since, normally I'm a very conservative gambler.. I know I've got a problem, and Mr S. better watch out. Its ahwn!

P.S. PS3 sucks. Viva la XBOX!

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