Saturday, September 08, 2007


It's been a busy weekend, and I have stuff to complain about. But I'm tired. So, I'm going to give you these shots I just took.

For the past several days the sun has been crazy red due to the ash in the air. I can't figure out how to capture it properly, so I tweaked my f-stops, and this is what I got. I did not use a red filter. The sun is really that red, even if they sky isn't.

Someday I will learn how to be a proper photographer.

As I was taking these shots, I noticed the soft top on the Solstice looked really dirty. Mr. S just washed it yesterday morning. So it seemed odd. When I went to examine why - I realized out it was ash raining from the sky.

The weird thing is.. we are hours from all the fires. But if you stood there long enough, you'd have ash on your shirt, and you could vaguely see it falling from the sky.