Sunday, September 16, 2007

Everything must have LEDs.

This is such a simple technology, it's hardly worth talking about. But I totally love these things, so I'm going to tell you about them.

We finally found some outside lights for the house that looked somewhat modern. Of course, that means they only do exactly the job they were made to do. Illumination. Being the greedy little bitch I am.. I just couldn't be satisfied.

Like - it might be nice if you could get a light with motion detection that doesn't look fuhidious. So - you know, in that hour or two before you remember to turn the light on, people can see when they walk up to the door at night.

The other choice was leaving the light on 24/7, but since our house is already stomping on the electricity grid, I really try to conserve where I can. Not because I care about the earth, but because I care about my pocketbook.

Thankfully, Smarthome has these nice timers to control your lights. You put them right inside the existing switch-boxes like this:

And they magically turn lights on and off. No more using your fingers like a sucker. Now I want Mr S. to install them all over the house.

This is why technology made to make you lazy never works. You just have to keep installing more of it.

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