Monday, June 03, 2019

This is a new one.

Now, if they moved these tree houses over to San Jose - the Mayor there would grant them a loan and forgive it after five years. I have heard rumors that people are building "accessory dwelling units" (granny flats) to house their potential old people nannies for when they get old and need to be taken care of.

There is no end to the unintended consequences these idiots cause to happen. Instead of providing more homes for the people "the government" wants you to house - it's just sort of a wealth transfer. I am not okay with loan forgiveness from the government. It's bullshit. It makes everyones property taxes go up.

People just don't want this element in their neighborhoods and no matter how much you try to incentive people - they will just come up with some clever plan to side step the rules.

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