Friday, June 07, 2019

Here we go I guess.

PG&E warns of possible widespread power blackouts amid extreme CA fire risk this weekend.

I am not in the affected area - this time. California is just so nuts. I imagine I will have to find a backup bug out hotel because they did this a few months ago in the area around Napa.

That is when I learned a lot of people reply on power for oxygen. If my bug out hotel is next to the hospital, it could be a problem to get in. When they did this last year they didn't get their power back for three days and people were howling. I mean, imagine if you are a restaurant!

One of the places in St Helena was going to have a block party because they were out of power for so long and figured if we are going to lose this food - we might as well cook it. Now that area is considering having to buy a microgrid. Can you believe this shit?


  1. We’re in the heart of this, with freezers full of ice cream, if the power goes down it will cost at least $2k every time.. Not sure why but it seems like pge just wants to piss people off in town. Between the fire they started and the blackouts, they aren’t making friends. PGE is running generators for 16 hours per day but people are getting sick of the noise and diesel fumes so it’s hard to believe this is a long term solution. I have a generator that will run about 6 hours in a pinch but they turn the gas pumps off when the power goes down so it’s not a great solution. Even on the small town politics level they are being antagonistic. Last year they leased the fairgrounds as a parking lot taking away our only dog park and artificially pumping up the income for the fairgrounds during a time when it was being sold to the city. DF

  2. That was an extremely long manifesto. We should all sing this song together. American woman. Stay away from me-he.

    DF - Most days it feel like California would rather put you out of business than let you thrive and bring in tax revenue. This is definitely the most extreme example though. They are willing to kill your whole tourist industry. And I'd forgotten the pumps don't work when the power goes out. Do you still have that LNG vehicle? Good to see you coming back from time to time.

  3. Nope CNG was bricked by a bad fuel sensor that I couldn’t replace. My next ride is a pedicab. 6 months of tourism and then 6 months of vacation. At least that is the plan. At 7 miles per gallon I only leave town once a week in the arcade mobile. After a half a dozen businesses here, I don’t think that I would stay in Cali if I didn’t have roots. DF

  4. We all think of leaving all the time. When they do all those polls that say X amount of Californians want to leave - I always laugh. I've been wanting to leave since I was 20. Once I made it out. But it pulled me back in.

  5. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, June 10, 2019 12:33:00 AM


    This is what I told my girlfriend -- I blamed her for giving me an incurable case of the cooties.

    Of course, I'd been a silent carrier of the cooties for many years, given all of the previous girlfriends I've had, but I wasn't telling her that.

    While she didn't admit to it, she did admit that she may have made my cooties worse, but in her defense, she had this to say: "BOYS ARE MEAN".


    Seriously, isn't this position pretty much like what the British call "does what it says on the tin"? Why do you need an actual Screed O'More Than Twelve Inches of Manifesto for this?

    This is really bumper sticker sized: "Don't Marry American Women" fits on a fucking bumper sticker.

    But it's easy to puff up a bumper sticker ideology if you throw more words at it, right?

    Let me give that a try!


    There was a young writer from Chicago
    Whose overuse of words he could not embargo
    So one day he penned forth a long screed
    Warning of marrying, don't do the nasty deed
    Because you'll never survive a beasty virago


    See, I can actually make your ideology hilarious.


    A young knight met a suffragette on the Internet
    Who he thought was really an attractive martinet
    But since whips and chains for him would excite
    He agreed to be restrained by her for a fortnight
    Now their kid in nine months will arrive in a bassinet



  6. You can have all the CA's who have moved here to Texas. Please stay there CA's! Texas will send you all the duh-versity you can stand if you would just stay home. :)

    It's amazing that America slowly deteriorates to 'turd' status. Isn't this what people put with in Mexico or India?

    Here is CA destroying another industry:

  7. It's pretty amazing that California can find a way to screw up even weed. Every single time I go in I ask if they are going to lower the tax, and they all seem to shrug. No one actually seems that motivated honestly. None of us even know where that money is going.

    Having said that - Mendicino pretty much had a monopoly. it's been that way since I was a kid. That area is basically just a hippy commune type of Mountain People. It became popular for the ability to hide from the heli's.

    I want to be fair - the regulations in California are out of control. But that area was never meant to be farmland. It was meant to be a hiddey spot. It's were people go to hide from everyone and everything. And grow a little weed to help them get by financially however meagerly. Netflix even did a documentary about it. It is an extremely poor area like Virginia. It isn't like those people were living high off the hog before legalization.

    I'm pretty conflicted about that area. No one wants to see people's livelihoods go away. Yet bringing this industry into the sunlight has been an overall good. That area wants to hold on to the seedy underbelly that comes along with the past. Everyone is just a lot safer. But now they have to put up with competition. Which in a healthy market thing. No matter what the market is.

    I think there is a lot more nuance than an article can really capture for that particular area.

  8. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, June 10, 2019 5:29:00 PM

    A Texan: "It's amazing that America slowly deteriorates to 'turd' status."

    The potential was always there.

    Among friends of mine who are now in Florida who visited me when I lived in Seattle, there's a game we now enjoy: which famous people were Killed By Seattle?

    My all-time favorite is how Seattle killed author Thomas Wolfe.

    "In [July 1938], Wolfe became ill with pneumonia while visiting Seattle, spending three weeks in the hospital there ..."

    The guy was brilliant, a contemporary of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, and Shitty Seattle managed to kill him As Dead As Dickens.

    One of my friends says the most famous one was Jimi Hendrix, because Seattle beat the shit out of him before handing him over to London to finish the job, and that might be true, but with Wolfe, there's direct causation of death by Shitty Seattle.

    So we now speak of The Return of Shitty Seattle, because that possibility was always there.

    I'm sure that if you dig enough dirt up on San Fran, you can find out some interesting stories about The Return of Shitty San Fran as well.

    And Los Angeles?

    I have pictures in an old sailing book that show the author of the book building the sailboat he used to sail around the world on the beaches of Los Angeles.

    Nobody fucked with him, not even the police, and his chronicles don't mention that anyone tried to steal from him while he was there.

    He got to his business of building his sailboat, and occasionally people would show up to take pictures and talk with him while he was working on it.

    But this was around the turn of the 20th Century, not almost a fifth of the way into the 21st. Los Angeles back then looked a lot like an Oklahoma town that got transported one plank at a time to California.

    Snarkie: "But now they have to put up with competition. Which in a healthy market thing. No matter what the market is."

    Mizz Free Markets will be an anarcho-capitalist or an agorist yet. :-)