Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I like to be fair.

Elon has cleared out quite a bit of over inventory. I would say by at least half.


  1. Did he launch a bunch of excess cars into outer space last night?

    The clutter along Kato Road has gotten... interesting? Not sure what's going on with all those trucks, campers, and so on. Nor whether it has anything to do with any of the companies in that area.

  2. Yeah. I did notice that. Looks like a junkyard at the moment. I didn't drive by the plant because it's just easier to get a better read on the weekends. Though (from far away) it did look like he was storing inventory in the main Tesla lot. Or a lot of employees now own Teslas. But his hidey lots over by Living Spaces are drastically better.

    Maybe he went full China and forced the employees to buy the over inventory.