Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Sooooooo. Plastic is okay again?

I went to the store today to get my bunny some wheat grass. Which I do every three days or so.

When I asked for a bag the bagger asks - paper or plastic? I'm like - that's even an option? He goes - this one or that one. They both cost ten cents. Which is quite the reversal here in California.

I think this pretty much confirms this whole plastic hysteria was basically just stores not wanting to have to pay for bags anymore.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, June 06, 2019 12:05:00 AM

    No, this is pretty much what you can expect ...

    Leftists love lots of little taxes on behavior.

    Why do they love these taxes?

    So they can feel smug and self-righteous about how they behave "better", making them not subject to those taxes.

    Thomas Sowell's "Vision of the Anointed" pretty much covered the subject many years ago.

    BTW, I'm back to dialing around for Tor exit nodes in order to get around The Goolag's latest escalation of Anti-Privacy Theater ... aaaaaand sometimes even that doesn't work.

  2. Well, that doesn't help.

    New York has passed a law banning plastic single use shopping bags effective next year. They added a bit to the law stating that counties can add a fee for "purchasing" paper bags at the register, with most of that fee going to the state. At least two counties (the one I live in and the one directly to my east) have already announced that they won't be charging said fee, and that they won't be party to the state trying to back end more taxes. Ok, thats not how they phrased it, but that was what they meant. I was amused.

    On an additional amusing note, one of my co-workers was praising the banning of single use plastic shopping bags. Bragging about how he only uses reusable bags. I pointed out the germ potential of said reusable bags. At which point he was utterly horrified and pledged to go home and bleach his bags......

  3. That is really interesting Ruth. When do governments push back on taxes? lucky you.

    Those bags can be gross. I always pay for a paper bag when I have any kind of meat. Surprisingly I haven't heard of more than a couple of people get sick from those reusable bags. But then I often see people not put their fruit or vegetables in a produce bag. Instead they just place it in the cart bed where people but their babies asses and dogs. Shopping carts never get washed. That horrifies me. Maybe they all wash well cause that is gross.

    Capital Texas refugee. I'd love to see Sowell before he passes on. He's always at Stanford. He puts economics in a way that everyday people like me can understand.

    If it makes you feel any better your TOR stuff is doing it's job. When someone comes in completely anonymized I always figure it is you. If there was a better platform I'd change.

  4. I will often pay for one bag. And I make them put every single thing I buy in that one bag Tetris style.

  5. Upstate NY is not quite your average political location. The STATE's politics get governed by NYC. But upstate is incredibly anti-NYC government and tends conservative and would love to see the end of NYC dictating everything. I'm sure someone still has the state's voting results by county map for the last presidential election online, if you're curious.

  6. Interesting. I don't think I could handle the snow but how do you guy feel about Californians? I mean, I know EVERYONE hates us. I think we are the only State where we are like - yeah. Come on in.

  7. While I've not really paid attention I'd expect the general response to be the same. On the other hand you all are way across the country, and NYC is right here, so I doubt most folks think about you at all except during elections and the occasional news blitz. Well, occasionally NYC politicians seem to try to match CA laws, so they might think of you all then too, and not especially politely ;)

  8. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, June 08, 2019 11:42:00 PM

    Florida: Yeah, come on in, but if you make asses out of yourselves, we'll send Florida Man and Florida Woman over to deal with you.

    Georgia: You do what you want, I'm stayin' right here.

    South Carolina: Those people in Florida be craaayzaaay.

    Alabama: I was told that Bugs Bunny would solve this Florida problem for us.

    North Carolina: Those Florida people still don't accept that we are the "home of NASCAR" after all these years ...

    Virginia: It's too damn far away, and besides, they have "skeeters" the size of the planes in the Virginia Air National Guard.

    Tennessee: It's too crazy for us to move there, but our kids love going to Disney World more than going to Opryland.

    Kentucky: Goddamn, those Florida people are harder drinkers than us.

    Mississippi: Florida Man ain't foolin' when he tells you to gimme three steps.

    Texas: Florida Man and Florida Woman? Hell, those are my drinkin' buddies! IT'S ON!


    ... oh, yeah, and ...


    There we go. :-)