Saturday, June 22, 2019

Goose eggs all around.

My city is hosting a car show for planes this weekend. At first I was super excited because they were going to have a drone show. I'm just okay on the planes.

Then they cancelled the drone show. I did a drive by of the planes a couple of times and I didn't think there was anything worth stopping for.

Then went to the fair to check out the bunnies and silly chickens. But there is some kind of bird virus in California right now. No silly chickens. All the bunnies were the same. And there were much less of them.

I'm really glad to don't forecast where I am going because I'd look like such a phony. So much stuff I was interested in this year was completely cancelled. I don't quite remember a year like this one It's really strange.


  1. It's several years since I last attended a county fair, here in the Bay Area. It had gotten rather pointless: very little of interest, and the prevailing theme seemed to be fear of gangs.
    But! I should (unless the relocation schedule falls entirely to pieces) be attending the Sevier County Fair, which turns out to be late August / early September. Sounds very agricultural.
    I don't expect to be ready to buy any livestock at that point, but it should be educational and an opportunity for making connections and generally getting oriented.
    (We'll definitely be missing the Knox County Fair. Have to see what other events of that character are scattered around that area during harvest season.)

  2. I hadn't been in a while either. I mostly go to see what kind of new animals they have. Some of the fancy chickens they come up with are fun for a minute. With the puffball heads. You made me realize that no one has been talking about gangs for a while.

  3. County fairs? Livestock? You want to stay away from livestock auctions of all sorts and you probably don't want to be going to any farm auctions either.
    If you do go don't bring a truck... It's a LOT harder for anything to follow you home if you don't have a truck.. :-)

    Good luck!

  4. Yeah. I have and it makes me feel worse. Or nothing. I can't decide which. They aren't even interesting enough to call bullshit on.

    Even the car shows are all getting shut down except the very largest.

  5. I haven't made it to a con in many years. Back when I did... Baycon was in process of fragmenting, with various specialty cons the same weekend drawing away the costumers, anime fans, and so on. Also, the invasion of mundane politics was underway, with people introducing themselves by party affiliation (no prize for guessing which party) and expecting enthusiasm, and denunciation of the Other Party, from all present.

  6. I don't even know what to say about that. It is a really frustrating time to be alive.