Thursday, June 13, 2019

I guess the homeless have unionized.

People like to rail about what a shit hole San Fransisco is... but today I ran across a facebook page called Santa Cruz looks like Shit that shows that even they have had enough of the problem with the homeless. Which says a lot because Santa Cruz has an extremely tolerant view of "campers".

I guess they cleared this camp about a month ago, But the whole thing was so completely insane. If  this were a tax paying citizen - the government would literally fine you out of existence.

But even they are getting tired of shit on the streets. The needles and the crime that comes with this. And you can't do ANYTHING about it. Not only are cities responsible for the costs of cleaning these camps - but now the homeless basically just sue cities. Junkies have more rights than the rest of us.

Meanwhile over in Oakland - Home Depo wants to close up because they have a crazy encampment right next door.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, June 13, 2019 8:16:00 PM

    From Brighton Rock to Santa Cruz Crack ...

    Santa Cruz always has had a strange vibe to it, but I liked it for two reasons: the long boardwalk and the geeky sluts of the UCSC Banana Slugs. :-)

    Also, there was an interesting emergent phenomenon that came out of the high cost of housing there for a while: "Geek Houses", where a bunch of geeks would buy a house together because they couldn't afford one on their own.

    This used to be socially wise and "The Cool Thing To Do" although now it's just a way of surviving Rent Rape and Home Equity Invasions.

    But there's a reason why a film like "The Lost Boys" would be set perfectly in a place like Santa Cruz, even if the film didn't name the place itself.

    So Santa Cruz has a problem with a little shit or even a lot of shit?

    I dunno how you'd solve this ... has anyone seen the Santa Cruz locals voted "Most Likely to Succeed"?


    Yes, but ...

    In California, no matter what someone thinks, they're really a Liberal.

    So are you, BTW. :-)

    "California Democrat" = Liberal with Socialist tendencies

    "California Moderate" = Liberal with Liberal tendencies

    "California Conservative" = Liberal with Capitalist tendencies

    "California Communist" = Liberal with Lavrentiy Beria tendencies :-)

    Oh, and check out that photo of Beria in the 1920s ... SO THAT'S WHERE THE SILICON VALLEY TECHNOCRAT TURTLENECK WORSHIP CAME FROM.

    They don't want to be little Eichmann types as you have persisted in claiming.

    They all want to be Lavrentiy Beria!


  2. I know you have no way of knowing - but you are kinda stepping on my dick here. Please don't poke me this way right now. It's enough having to put up with all of these people who don't have to live by their choices, and then people like me have to come in and pay for everything. I don't complain about it too much because I have family living in public housing right this minute. they are net takers. And I feel embarrassed about it. So I don't really feel like getting into semantics of what type of conservative I am.

    All of this homeless shit is not funny. It's worse than having people live in government housing. At least my Aunt and Uncle are contained to one area. These cities are spending enormous amounts of money to clean this camps time after time after time and it's stealing from EVERYONE. Including the truly needy. I heard junkies get priority in the shelters because they come with government money.

    Most days I feel like I was stupid to become responsible. What for?!

  3. エルセグンドーで財布を預けなかったオースティン亡命者Sunday, June 16, 2019 12:21:00 AM


    Everyone's got a little cross to bear these days about why they can't bear the weight of jokes made in their general direction, even if they happen to be funny.

    Maybe it's some vestigial bit of Protestantism that's crawled up the Asshole Collective of America so everyone has to play the game of being an Offended Special Class ...

    ... but I don't actually give a crap anymore.

    It's just one more thing that makes this one less bit fun.

    I could tell you a nice little story about how everything you need to fix this came out of California, especially starting in the 1950s.

    Start with S.I. Hayakawa, move on to John Searle, and then maybe to Douglas Kellner ("Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California Academic Refugee") today, taking a few moments to breathe in the "dialectic materialism" scent from the nearby academic overgrowth ...

    But that'd just be too distracting from what is a much easier position to take, even if it's a considerably less interesting one.

    BTW, since California is known for Entertaining Distractions, at least in the vicinity of Los Angeles, have you ever wondered why Hollyweird can't make "Smokey and the Bandit" again, even though it's a simple movie that's pretty much one long chase scene with a few comedic diversions?

    What about "The Cannonball Run" then?

    Wait, let's reach out a bit -- what about "Blazing Saddles"?

    Completely rhetorical: 100% obvious.

    "I can't lie to you, Sheriff ... look over your left shoulder ..."

    "No hard feelings, Junior!" :-)

  4. So, your basic reply is "fuck you if you can 't take a joke"? I just want to make sure. I can't imagine why the 10 of us in this State might grow tired and thin skinned occasionally at being the universal punching bag. I wouldn't die on this hill - but I'm not telling you what to do. So.....up to you.

  5. I think he's just being a guy. Guys like to punch each other in the balls. But I'm not a guy - so it doesn't exactly translate the same. It's taken me a long time to recognize that men do this with each other. They are just treating me like they would a buddy. And that's nice. But I'm still a girl. Guys will eventually just punch each other.