Monday, June 17, 2019

Nothing says you are too dependent on a country more than this.

Strolled up to my doorstep today to find that my husband bought a 12 inch pizza pan from China. I'm sure he didn't chose China, he just clicked a button. But, how is it possible that it's less expensive to a make this thing in China and ship it all across the ocean?

Please tell me this is peak crazy.


  1. I can buy a 12" pizza pan (the largest that fits in my small oven) at Walmart for less than a dollar. I have 3.

  2. I have, on more than one occasion, ordered something from Amazon only to have it ship from China. I don't understand it either, and now put a bit of effort into trying to make sure that my orders are going to be from somewhere a bit closer when possible.

  3. When I asked Mr S. about it he said - I was wondering why it was taking so long. He did buy it from Amazon.

    me - how long did it take?

    him - 3 weeks!

    Me - how much did it cost you?

    him - 10 bucks. it was the cheapest one I could get made of steel.

    Still crazy that this type of stuff is cheaper in China. Considering how much fuel they must use getting it across the ocean.

  4. I had to check, a magnet sticks to mine.