Monday, November 27, 2017

Pictures I should have posted.

I'm a fairly tortured photographer. So a lot of stuff winds up not making it to the blog for various reasons. But I have a lot of B-roll stuff and through the holidays it's kinda nice that everything slows down so I don't feel so much pressure. Blogging is a grind. Seriously. And I'm not even that good at it.

So this year, maybe I will just try to post some of the stuff that never made it.

I haven't seen as many Aston's lately so it was nice to see one in the wild. Honestly I was pretty curious about it because it had Aston branded brakes. And if there is anything I've learned about brakes this year is wow........that guy is going to feel butt hurt.

You see over the recession Mr S. and I bought a ridiculous sports car. Not spendy like this one, but not bad. It was when I thought we were going into negative interest rates. Which is fun to laugh about now. I decided I'd rather throw my money away in a fast car than have the government or the banks take it. It's a stupid purchase, but hopefully at the end I'd at least still have a fast car! Which is the effed up incentives the Obama administration was fostering. If anyone on earth told me they had done that I would laugh until I passed out. I literally would not think they were sane.

But anyway - the brake job for that car showed up this year and wooooow. So now I've become the rudest person in the world because this area is filled to the brim with expensive sports cars! And now that I've hit that landmine I want to know how much these guys are putting out for Aston Branded brakes.

He actually didn't know because there was only 7k miles on this thing. But someday if he keeps that car he is going to remember me and my stupid - hey... how much do breaks for this thing cost?

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