Monday, November 27, 2017

From the b-roll.

A woodpecker. Why? Because it wound up in my backyard instead of forcing me to talk the park where you can barely see them anyway. I didn't know they apparently eat ground bugs.


  1. They'll eat anything that's buggy. Hell, they'll peck at corpses. They're opportunistic feeders. Think "Chickens' with a wood pecking beak.

  2. Northern Flicker, I think you have the red-shafted variety there, though I could be wrong. We get yellow shafted ones here on the East Coast.

    While I've seen them pecking at trees, we see Flickers on the ground going after ground insects on a very very regular basis.

  3. It's probably 4 the best. They aren't making any noise on the ground. Otherwise we will have a fight.