Friday, November 03, 2017

Rain or shine.

My tile guys rolled up today with the cadillac of saws. When we hired them I figured they ~could~ do these extra big tiles, but it wasn't until I saw their saw that I was fully confident. This thing is a monster. They said it weighs like 100 pounds and I'm not sure they are exaggerating. They said it cost like 2 grand. It's gotta be at least 4 feet long!

I was actually entertaining doing the tile myself because of all the construction stuff - tile is where I get completely anal. I have tape measure eyes. I can take the time to make sure things don't catch my eye. But now I'm glad I paid someone. Plus, it's good to watch the professionals so you don't start doing stupid stuff when you are weekend warrior-ing. I need to keep my skills updated too.

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