Friday, November 03, 2017

People are finally learning why socialism doesn't work - the hard way.

In light of the Gothamist I thought it would be fun to laugh at some of these douchebags that thought the Obama administration would make everything like rainbows and kitty cats. You'd think they would at least try to understand math before they tried all this stupid stuff. But it just goes to show you how virtue signaling trumps logic.

Take for instance this pizza restaurant that wanted to pay it's employees a "living wage". I know all my readers probably put out a giggle when I said that.  But predictably, they are now closing.

Pizza shop that paid ‘fair wages’ closing 2 years after it opened — not enough money to stay in biz.

Gee.... ya think?

It must have been a year or more ago that a restaurant in my city decided to force people to pay a 20% gratuity. This was deep into the we are going into socialism phase. If you wanted to be a bad tipper you just simply were not allowed. Bad service? No fucks given. 20% gratuity please. Well, they didn't even say please.

They were actually a pretty high rated restaurant on yelp before this stunt, but even I was shocked by how severe the response was. They have yet to recover their rating. Even though they stopped within weeks of their stupid experiment. Usually these things take much longer before people get the message. Luckily they stopped before it put them out of business.

But it is nice to see that people are finally having to grow the eff up.


  1. Even The Onion knows why this crap won't work:

  2. LOL. See I think all this "communal" living is making latent conservatives. I had six roommates and a boyfriend. So - eight people living in a house is Soquel. (near Santa Cruz)

    I say bring it on. I've known two people who lived on communes. My childhood girlfriend lived on the commiest of communes. They had sort of a store where you checked things out to use them. She is sort of why I think all these "communal cars" will never work out. People don't treat your stuff the way you would treat it. I even read an article a few days ago where a storage place is making it so you can rent out the items you store in storage, and I just laughed. I'll see if I can find the link because it's the new greatest Silicon Valley invention. They are making a whole business out of it.