Thursday, November 02, 2017

I guess that's still going on.

Oddly the anarchists tagged the next wall that said - stay in school. Maybe I'll upload the pic later. It was over a bunch of other random uninteresting stuff.


  1. They're feeling a bit more ambitious since they think they have numbers ...

    The American Communists are planning on some sort of distributed "march" (or riot) across the country on November 4.

    I live close to a major arterial street where this sort of crap tends to happen, and that's now enough along with hurricanes and other stuff going on to convince me to give up on this place and to move farther inland.

    I expect this weekend will be chaos, so I'll be popping out in a bit to stock the fridge with some stuff before I make another Waffle House run. (The Waffle House I go to is not close -- it's in another county.)

    When my current lease term is up, I'll already be out of here.

    I don't think the next place is going to be a house, especially since I don't have the health and patience to deal with one, but I do think the next place is going to have to be near a road racing course ... and a Waffle House.

    Sebring might be interesting if the town weren't so awful, and I'd still have to deal with hurricanes ... ah, well, I'll figure it out. :-)

  2. Oh right. I think I've lost touch with all space and time. That's this weekend.

    What's a road racing course? A racetrack?

    And well.... you have to travel for a Waffle House. It's the only logical solution. Mine is in Oakland which is about 45 minutes out. You know it's good if you can get people to travel that far for waffles.