Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Finally - a deck update.

This is where the deck stands right now. Yesterday I got my wall fully painted, and they got the first coat of color on the deck. It's a putty color, so you don't need to read too much into it. So I'm water tight. Which is good because we are about to get five days of rain. Honestly when I lost my first contractor, I didn't think I was going to be able to get this project done this summer. And I feel like a just squeaked it in.

These are the tiles I'm having put on the pony walls. And I ~think~ they are the reason I lost my first contractor. Will explain more later. They gave Mr S. the contractor discount for these tiles. So over all I'm coming in under budget.

This was the fiberglass phase.


  1. Ah, epoxy-locked fiberglass ... that's what was missing.

    I figured the previous deck's ridiculousness was mostly caused by people ignoring "single points of failure" -- this should now be a lot less of a problem.

  2. I think they were ignoring all the points of failure. That deck literally could have killed someone. I used to have this strange pillar in my garage that made it hard to park any car in there. I was always afraid of just tapping it. Doing that literally could have brought 20,000 pounds down on someone.

    After the concrete was gone it was literally free floating.


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