Friday, November 17, 2017

I don't really get it.

I walked up to this thing, took a picture and immediately texted Mr S the follow - Here is your stupid flying car. He responded - NO - that is a driving plane.

I don't really understand why men have this compulsive need to make one product do two tasks marginally well. Instead of having two products that do one thing really great. Especially when we all know that personal drones are going to be where the market goes. 

Hell, in the future I'm going to paint a giant X on my deck and I'm going to market this house as having a drone pad.

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  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, November 17, 2017 7:12:00 PM

    Paging Mister James Bond 007, the vehicle for your next death-defying stunt is ready in California ...