Friday, November 24, 2017

Conversations with Mr S.

He goes to fix the toilet and when he comes back he says - I hope you aren't running out of shampoo's.

I just look at him.

Him - you've only got about a dozen up there.

Me - My hair is very finicky! And some asshole tricked me into buying mint shampoo again.

Him - Oh.... they tricked you?

Me - YEAH! I'm convinced that women don't really ~want~ mint in their shampoo or else they wouldn't keep trying to disguise that fact that it has mint. They call it "reinvigorating", or some other bullshit.

Him - See... I think it's sort of like Listerine. Their whole market campaign was - it tastes bad so you know it's working. The mint makes your head tingle so people think it's doing something.

Me - Even if you smell like a jar of vapor rub? No woman likes to smell like mint. It's ridiculous.

If women wanted that they would just put MINT in big giant letters. Makes your head tingly but makes you smell like a granny.


  1. See, I actually like mint as a scent! But then I CANNOT STAND most commercial scents, so it all depends on your perspective! To me mint is nice because its one of the few scents that doesn't make me feel like a perfume factory exploded on my head.

  2. Hahaha. I managed to find the ~one~ girl. I like to stop one short of the perfume factory. I like to keep it around a rainbow of flowers throwing up on you.

    Wouldn't you be just as happy with fragrance free? I just think that if people liked it, they would stop making us play word games. Like the word refreshing. Why not just say minty freshness.

  3. I do mostly stick to fragrance free. But I'm girly enough to like some sort of nice scent. And I like mint. That or a GOOD vanilla scent!