Sunday, September 24, 2017

Waffle shots.

Patent pending!


  1. Add a kick...

  2. BTW, Canadian maple whiskey exists. :-)

    Also, if you want blueberry and maple in your waffle shots, they have that covered. :-)

  3. Capital of Texas Refugee,

    There are lots and lots maple infused whiskys out there (produced by Jim Beam, Crown Royal, Sortilege, Knob Creek, Cabin Fever, etc.,) When No. 14 went out of production a few years ago, we tried almost all of them. Found them all to be either too maple, or too whisky. Your mileage may vary.

    I do not remember if I tried Sortilege or not. Will add it to the shopping list.
    In any case, we're willing to do the hard, dirty, monotonous work of testing and restesting whisky, after whisky, after whisky, so you don't have to...


  4. Boy those Canadians sure love their blueberries. I bought some blueberry bbq sauce from Canada once. They ship to America! I'm not sure I was a fan. Blueberry could be a step too far.

    Waffle shots is why I need an autonomous car. That way I can start drinking right out of the gate. That's how I plan to spend being old. I barely drink now... but it's a goal.

  5. I'd agree. Blueberries are great, but I think prefer them in pie, not whisky. I like the concept of being secure enough to let a robot drive me. Until then the bar stays stocked at home -- with better living through bar chemistry.

    My wife has been experimenting at the fire pit with s'mores for adults.

    The latest (and best, so far) iteration involves a LU Petit Ecolier, drizzled with a salted bourbon-caramel sauce, topped with a roasted marshmallow, drizzled with more sauce.

    It doesn't suck. Smoreo's aren't bad either, in a jam...

    Here's the cookie used for the base:

    Don't know if you make your own waffles, but if you do...

  6. Anon: Sortilege is pretty good -- I've been getting it for about twenty years, so it predates the maple whiskey fad. There just used to be the one type in 375 ml bottles, and it was very hard to find.

    Try crepes with it sometime.

    Also, other Anon: Imagine a Waffle Square Gatling Gun for the food industry.

    It'd sell like ... yeah, well, better than those ... :-)

  7. Oh, also ... there's a blueberry thing you haven't tried yet.

    Forget everything about crappy blueberry stuff that bartenders use.

    Mustikka is the real blueberry deal ...

    But you will probably not be able to find it in the US, because this is actually information from the ABC store system of Finland.

    So there's the Canadian version of that as well:

    It's called Minaki ...

    And the little bottles from the ABC store system of Quebec look a lot like the old bottles of Sortilege, actually ...

    Maybe you can find them together now.

  8. It's pretty bad when you start posting to your own blog anonymously. This post was mine.
    Oh man... I love chemistry. I was one of those kids that by the time I was legally old enough to drink I'd already burned through that idea and was over it. And most of those years I wasn't old enough to drive. I pretty much got drinking out of my system in that 12-16 year old range. I was a latch key kid. Plus I started working before I was 18 and couldn't be irresponsible after that.

    So, I just feel like my retirement goal involves a lot of sloppy drinking and an autonomous car and spiked waffle shots and adult smores. Now I just want to pour out of my car like the queen. ~I have arrived.~ face plant. Yeah, most people want to become better people. Not me... I'm planning to be a worse person. I've tried being the good person type and it's not all it cracked up to be.

    I love how your recommendation is - it doesn't suck. It makes me laugh. I don't make my own waffles, but I have fantasied about making a waffle maker that makes perfectly good waffle squares. Hey - that's a million dollar idea according to Silicon Valley. Said in the most sarcastic way.