Sunday, September 03, 2017

When the earth and the sky become one.

But you suck it up because the smoke from the fires made it only get to 110, rather than the predicted 116. The one time fire smoke was a good thing, I guess.

I was sure I was going to lose power so I'd started getting my bug out plan in place to take Lacy to a hotel. And since we'd just gotten back from getting wine in Monterey I was going to have to take my two cases of wine to the hotel which would have been the bougiest crap I'd never done. I wasn't going to leave them in 116 degree heat! Seriously. Thats real money. But other than a hit or two the power has stayed on so far. The air could use a good scrubbing though.


  1. You have your wabbit and your wine; this is fine. :-)

    A bug-out bag, though? WHY. STOP. AT. ONE. :-)

    Besides, don't you have little foam padded wine carriers for all of your wine so you can get all of your bug-out wine on a plane? :-)

    Wine, a.k.a. diabetes in a jug ... I'd rather stick with whiskey. :-)

    (and I use those disposable padded booze carriers for my whiskey, BTW ... :-) )

  2. Settle down. I'm not that bougie. I can't have a whisky habit, I already have a pot habit. And you're only allowed to have one vice or you look like a mess. Adding wine to my current habit makes me look fun. Which I am!

    I don't like the sweet wines. They have to taste like an oaky barrel. So I think my future diabetes is safe for now.