Friday, September 08, 2017

I think I'm finally out of contractor purgatory.

I've got a signed contract. I've got a start date now. But I'm on my second contractor. Which is why there have been no updates on this project. I don't really like to talk about things before they happen, because everything in my life is subject to change. And when it does - it just makes me look stupid if I say one thing is going to happen and something else does.

The first guy wasted two months of my time. But in the end I think he did me a favor. You see, I have a somewhat complicated project. I'd called out a bunch of guys and got a bunch of different solutions to fix my problem. There are three super legit ways. Well, two are super legit, one marginally legit. I chose the guy who I thought gave me the best solution. We had gone through more than a month and a half of negotiation and I thought I'd gotten him to the finish line. I told him I was ready to go forward. Then didn't hear from him for a week. So I pinged him and asked him where we were with starting the project. He said nowhere - I gave you a seven day contract. Which I have never seen. Contractors almost always give you a 30 day window. Mind you I emailed him on the seventh day. But whatever. I was kinda super pissed.  Because I'd spent so long with him that he torched my other prospects. So I had to start over.

But that guy made it a lot easier to find another contractor to do the same thing for actually a little less.  I don't really understand a guy that spends two months or so with a customer. Gets the contract. Walks away and gives the glory to another man. Least logical man ever.

Anyway... hopefully in two weeks a porta potty will show up at my house and the blogging will begin. Apparently I'm willing to pay 1000 bucks to not have a bunch of guys taking dumps in my toilet.


  1. In the movie version, the new contractor unzips his new contractor skin to reveal the old contractor grinning madly ...

    Also, a grand to keep your crapper sweetly sparkling fresh? Bargain.


  2. Yep. One thousaaaaaaaaand dollars. If you think that conversation between couples gets dicey about leaving the toilet seat up......

    You men pee in a trough like animals.

    Somewhere over the last year or two, job site managers got tired of getting bitched at. So now every project no matter how small gets a portable toilet. My neighbors had pavers put in. Took them four days. Even that job got a toilet.

    My job is going to be a month. If I'm lucky.

    Oddly, paying a grand makes us less mad than finding other dudes pee on our floor.

  3. Says you -- I have a spray bottle filled with pine disinfectant and a mop to solve that problem at La Casa del Refugiado.


    Oh, wait, you've got a Thousand Dolla Crappa, that's what. :-)

  4. Oh - that's the Grand Crappa to you. That's what I'm gonna call it now.

  5. I got ya some theme music for ya Grand Crappa ...