Thursday, September 14, 2017

Today I'm a little sick of hearing idiots complain about small government types wanting Federal Aid for damage from the hurricanes. Calling this socialism. You know - the Bill Mahers of the world. Even saying that rich people shouldn't get any money at all. Despite Rich people being the most likely to have insurance.

First of all - THERE IS NO PRIVATE MARKET FOR FLOOD INSURANCE. All people, even those insured have to go through the government(FEMA).  This is not our choice. It's the only choice other than not having insurance at all. I know because I have a flood policy.

Socialism is where the government takes your money and gives it to people who didn't work for it. But when people who have worked for it and have paid for flood insurance, they are apparently not allowed to get any money from the system they have paid for according to these people.

It's just like Earthquake insurance. There is NO private market for earthquake insurance. These two groups have no option but to get insurance from the government. And if something happens - collect Federal Aid.

And just additionally - if these people who paid for insurance are denied - I think it would collapse the insurance rolls. If you don't get a return for what you paid for - more people are just not going to buy insurance.

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