Thursday, September 07, 2017

Memba what I said about Trump a few days ago?

People seem as hot as fish grease about Trump working with Dems. Trump is slow rolling these Republicans so hard. When your own party is sandbagging you......

And Trump is making everyone very aware of how badly the've been sandbagging us all along. When I see people saying they no longer blame Obama for Obamacare, they blame the Republicans - these RINOS better prepare. The world is changing. I think I'm fairly bitter about the Obama administration and even I'm like - you that mad huh bro. This is getting good.

The thing that Dems don't understand about us is we are willing to eat our own. I'd throw some of the Republicans under the bus faster than I would a Dem frankly. If your own party can't get something passed.....why not try to flip the script?


  1. Here is one for you:

    From comments by AntiFederalist:
    Automakers and technology companies, including General Motors Co and Alphabet Inc‘s self-driving unit Waymo, have been pushing for new federal rules making it easier to deploy self-driving technology.

    Can’t get a tax cut.

    Can’t get Obamacare repealed.

    Can’t get a waiver to disable the Takata airbag land mine in your face.

    Can’t cap debt spending.

    Can’t stop the demographic invasion.

    Can’t end the never ending and pointless wars.

    Can’t get real police reform.

    But this, oh yes, this you can get.

  2. At least they got something done. I'm all on board the autonomous car thing. Electric cars not so much.

    I'm not sure there aren't as many tinkerers - that guy underestimates the youtube generation. You can literally learn anything on youtube. Or learn anything "good enough" to fix your electronics and basic car stuff.

  3. Know what's easier to get passed than a law supported by RINOs?

    Kidney stones. :-)

    (BTW Google, using I-75 North signs as captchas is NOT VERY FUNNY RIGHT NOW.)


    Here's the thing: the storm is moving at less than 20 mph, so what are these people doing sitting in traffic jams?

    There are plenty of Florida back roads these people could spread out on and simply get out. Every hour spent at 40 mph or better on one of these roads in a northward direction is two to three hours ahead of the storm.

    But nooooo, let's all be a bunch of dumb-asses and move jowl to hind quarters toward Jacksonville and Valdosta ... STUPID.