Monday, September 25, 2017

The market for Colin Kaepernicks is finally crashing.

Last year when it looked like Bernie Sanders was going to win this election cycle I had become fairly despondent. I've always believed people want to be free, and people honestly weren't acting like they really wanted that. I mean, a guy that has three houses is trying to get people to have no choices when it comes to healthcare. And I don't even have house envy! I have two houses. I think you should be able to buy whatever you effing want. But you don't get to convince people that they should have no choice in this world.

So when the Colin Kaepernick thing happened - I had resigned my self to what I thought was going to be the future. At one point I told Mr. S. that it feels like we are never going to get rid of these people. Colin Kaepernick will just replace Sean Penn. We will just have a new set of socialists that we will never be able to get rid of.

He turned to me and said - if there is a market for Colin Kaepernick's, there will be more of them. And with that I felt we were screwed.

Now I don't care about football, and I'm not even very patriotic - but I'm starting to feel some real resentment about Black people. I was born after the Civil Right Era and was born into a world where we were brought up color blind and I thought everything was getting better. Most of the people my age and younger have nothing to do with what happened in the past. We have just tried to be good people. But if feels like we are constantly being beat up for something that our ancestors did. And not even MY ancestors! And the baby boomers are just loving throwing fuel on the fire.

Now, are there issues with law enforcement? Yeah. I think it's sort of broken in some areas. The only reason people are getting shot and killed was because of the case at BART in Oakland where that guy pulled a gun instead of a taser. But now that we are back to shooting people, why don't they even try to save the people they shoot? I know it's hard to change the gears in a mans head after he's just shot someone, but wouldn't it help if once they did have to shoot someone they at least tried to not let them die? Irregardless of the circumstance that made them get shot.

I actually don't think it's that much of a stretch. Lots of law enforcement do double duty. Like Sunnyvale Ca. Their law enforcement also does shifts in the fire department. Those guys save lives. They also must shoot people sometimes. So, you can't tell me that it would be too expensive to make this happen. It already happened without the life saving part.

Sometimes I feel like people don't want to actually have solutions. They just want to fight about stuff.


  1. So this happened on what used to be a fairly conservative college campus ...

    Georgia Tech campus police shoot, kill barefoot student holding 'tiny' knife


    Also, I think many British people speak normally at shouty levels, so that's not actually in caps for effect. :-)

    Anyway, this kid got it in his head to commit suicide-by-cop by calling up Georgia Tech's 911 and playing the "OOH HE'S GOT A TINY KNIFE" game with some Roscoe P. Coltrane-types who probably spend most of their time ignoring underage drinking at frats.

    So what do they do?

    They shoot the kid Dead As Dickens.

    YO ROSCOE ... where were the goddamn tasers?

    Or how 'bout just a good old fashioned beating the shit out of someone?

    No wonder the family has questions.

  2. Don't get me wrong - I support the police. But they are just steaming along with the same thing they've always been doing, and it seems to me its costing us more than if we tried to save them.

    This is my new idea for suicidey George tech students.......we could use those big game nets. The ones you normally shoot from a helicopter. I know it sounds outlandish, but... I kinda like it.

  3. They used to jump from the tallest tower, and I wondered how they could do that ...

    There was this one time when someone got on top of a tower at the University of Texas in Austin that a lot of people remember.

    Maybe Georgia Tech started locking the door to the top of theirs.

    (also, I just had to get my favorite Texas Jewboy into this somehow) :-)

  4. Wait... hold on. There is a murderpedia? Oh for effs sakes.