Wednesday, April 27, 2016

You know when you are in a building boom when....

I don't get out to East Palo Alto much. EPA is basically Silicon Valley fly over territory. Most people only drive through there to get to the San Mateo Bridge. EPA was basically a dead zone until they put an Ikea in there. Which is why I found myself in EPA this weekend.  I needed to see if I could Ikea hack something and I didn't want to deal with the Emeryville traffic.

To my surprise - they are even putting new buildings up there. Which means the Valley is fully in a building boom. From tip to stern.

I grew up in the Valley, and literally I can remember only two times when EPA has had any new construction in that whole time. The Ikea shopping complex in 2003. And the rent controlled apartments I used to live in were taken over and rebuilt sometime during the start of the recession. So I'm gonna call it maybe 2007.

Yes. I used to live in a rent controlled building when I  started out. Millenials think they discovered everything. The internet, rent controlled buildings. Seriously... I think everyone in the Valley travels this road. I sort of feel like Obama has created a whole bunch of latent conservatives. They just don't know it yet. Live in a rent controlled building in a shitty neighborhood, lets see your attitude later in life.

To be fair, I lived right on the border if EPA, and Palo Alto. So it could have been worse. But seriously, they never build in EPA. That's what happens under rent control. No one wants to build. If they are tapping that territory, land must be hard to find.

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