Saturday, April 23, 2016

Body by Chair.

Today I guess I'm just going to be a dick. Normally I'm not a fat-shamer, but at least a handful of years ago I started seeing people where their backfat was larger than their front fat. I couldn't figure out how they were getting this way. If it was a girl, her back-boobs were bigger than her front boobs, and for men, just a lot of back-boob.

Now I've figured out that if you look at them from the side - they are in the perfect shape of a chair. All that back-boob fits right into the contour of a chair back.

It's just an observation. I'm not judging them. Mostly. Okay..... I guess I think it's okay to be fat, just not shaped like a chair. And my pictures are blurry. That is a feature. Not a bug. I'm already being an asshole - I just don't want it to be blatant I'm being an asshole in the store. Obvi!

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