Wednesday, April 06, 2016

This is what happens under a 15 dollar minimum wage.

I'm always slightly unnerved when something I think is pretty bullshitty turns into a "maybe". This is Bistrobot. It makes sandwiches including boxing the final product. Which I thought was a clever twist.

It "allegedly" can make up to 300 sandwiches an hour. And takes about 30 seconds. It might be quicker, but they said they needed to turn down the speed because it was too quick for people to aww and oooh. Eventually the novelty will end and people will say - speed this up. I want my sammich.

You choose your ingredients on a pad.

It loads a box.

Then fresh ingredients are chopped via mandolins. By the time it comes out the other side. It's a boxed sandwich. See below.

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