Friday, April 15, 2016

It's gotta be crazy to sell Tesla's.

I thought this was funny because just last week I was at one of those self driving car conferences. One women (and there were only 5 at this conf) stood up and shared her experience of just buying a Tesla, and the preceding test drive. Her experience was basically similar to the above video. She said the salesman kept repeating - trust Tesla. Trust Tesla.

I thought the whole thing was funny because when I drive - I will try to take a car up to 100MPH. But when my husband drives, all of a sudden I turn into a granny. It drives him nuts. He's taken to saying "your still alive, right?"

When I got home from the conf I told him - if you think I'm neurotic about your driving, just wait until self driving cars. Recounting the lady's story.

If I'm selling Teslas though, you've got to get tired of all that screaming. I think it must happen a lot.

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