Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This morning Mr S. and I commuted. As he was stopping behind a car, there was a small dog on the ledge between the backseat and window in there. And as we made a full stop the dog kinda shot us a don't get too close look. I'll bite you.

So I started doing monster hands and going arr arr arr (like a pirate) while I was waving my monster hands around.

That dog started barking and jumping around like we were playing. It must have lasted a minute or two, and I bet the owner was like - what the hell. I'm sure she was watching me in her rear view mirror because the dog was barking the whole time. But with his tail wagging.

It was just funny because this dog and I were playing together in separate cars. I think it's also funny that monster hands are the universal dog sign for lets play.

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