Thursday, April 28, 2016

That's how I roll.

Today I was up at the Samsung developers conf. They were demo'ing 4k Gear VR and I had to see it. Of course they were using a roller coaster demo. Which I was not happy about. I've never loved coasters, and the last time I used VR I got motion sickness. But I decided to suck it up and go through the demo anyway.

4K apparently doesn't get rid of the screen door effect.  I was really distracted by that. Plus it didn't totally feel like a coaster ride. So I was actually fine this time. And really the graphics are just okay. But full disclosure, I'm super jaded. You read this blog, right?

I started out at a graphics company, so I've mostly gravitated to that side of Silicon Valley. Mr S. worked on a project like this early in his career. So, honestly it's marvel that they've managed to make the whole VR thing so small. It can't be said enough. That used to take up a lot of room. Now it's on a phone on your face. Having said that - the game industry is busy making regular games so rich with graphics it's weird to go to the VR world and it's not that beautiful yet. Hopefully it will come.

I don't really know how this VR thing is going to turn out. I mostly feel like people don't like to wear stuff on their faces. On the other hand, there will be applications where it might work. Like automotive. If the graphics got better, amusements rides would be an obvious. There is so much potential, I'm just not sure it's going to end up in this footprint.

And when the headsets get old, they are going to be the grodiest game system you've ever had. I tried one on in Best Buy this weekend and it smelled like dirty gym socks. I'm pretty germaphobic about trying them out because most likely some sweaty dude has been wearing it before me. It's like you are touching faces with strangers.


  1. I was impressed that they made the headset wearable with glasses. Usually I have to remove my glasses for stuff like that (losing the ability to see in the process). These fit around my glasses in such a manner that they weren't pressing uncomfortably anywhere, which was a really nice in contrast with any of the others I've tried.
    I have to wear stuff on my face anyway, so that was a nice discovery for me.

  2. O-M-G. Welcome back Girl!

    They made a special effort for that. Do you own a set, or tried them at an electronics store? What did you think? Other than happy they are glasses friendly.