Sunday, April 24, 2016

Unimotorcycle racing.

I'd gotten burned out on Half Moon Bay. Last year I took a break. The traffic had gotten so bad that it just wasn't worth it to me. So, I kinda expected to be miserable this year especially because it was suppose to be super windy at the coast today. On my best day the wind makes me miserable. If you have long hair, or any hair - you spend all of your time trying to get it out of your eyes and just adds a layer of suckage to everything.

I guess setting your expectations to rock bottom makes everything awesome, because the Dream Machines was the best year I think - ever.  Traffic was amazing all around the Valley. The show was big again. They'd been splitting it into two days, and it just changed it.

I literally took every single shot blind because the wind was pretty epic. And my hair was in my eyes the whole time. I basically just pointed the camera in a direction and took a bunch and shots and hoped some turned out.

Normally the crowds for unimotorcycles racing is so deep I'm not willing to wait it out, but I didn't expect to get any shots anyway. So, it all worked out. These things are beasts. I was pretty impressed with the chick because to get these things turned around was not easy. She rocked.

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