Saturday, April 02, 2016

Treasure Island.

One of Mr S.'s buddies from home flew into a conference in San Fransisco this week. It's sort of a nightmare to get into the city on weekdays, so he figured he'd get up super early today to go have breakfast with him and take him to the airport because his flight was in the early afternoon.

We aren't normally morning people. We keep engineer hours. Not banking hours. So, if we had to get up early I figured he could drop me off at the Treasure Island Cars and coffee get together. He could go get this buddy, and I could see if there was a  Koenigsegg on the Island. Last year I guess one showed up there. I've been chasing them for a while. Walnut Creek is suppose to be opening a dealership.

These "get togethers" aren't really shows, they are mostly people who just show up with their own cars. That means cars come and go at will. Some guys spend a little time there, other spend more - but for the most part if you aren't there when the car shows up - you won't see it. And most guys are early risers. At least car guys.

I really thought I was going to be miserable because I'd never been to this show. I'd actually never been on the Island before because when I grew up you couldn't go there, and I've never found a reason to go before today. I figured if not that many cars showed up I'd just scope out the abandoned buildings. It seems to be a really popular thing to do. By the time the show car into full swing there were probably 50 guys up on the roofs. I was nervous about trespassing, but I guess no one else is.

Anyway.... this show was just crushed. I could not believe it. I finally got out of the car at the old military gates and decided to walk. Mr S. went off to get his buddy in the City. There was a Viper five cars in front of us. By the time I'd walked down that guy was still waiting to find a place to park. It was that crowded. There must have been hundreds of cars there. I didn't have any time to explore the Island before Mr S. got back.

Even with all those cars there, I didn't find that may things that were interesting. This wild tail pipe is definitely something I'd never seen before. The guy said in Japan this is a new fad. Some of them look like stars. I haven't had time to Googlefoo that trend though.

I like big tires.

This is that Viper that was in front of us. I thought it was kinda funny because this car already comes with a wing. It's built right in. But lately I've been noticing the super big wing trend might be coming back.

This was a semi hyper color wrap. I don't think I'm crazy about the wraps these days. It doesn't have that depth of real hypercolor. And really - I think they are cheating. Wraps can be cool, but they are sort of lazy.

McLaren P1. Plus you can see how the crowd was really starting to get big. Later I found out from Mr S. that the people on the Island said the show was unusually big this time. Their words were - the police were freaking out. I really thought there were only going to be like 50 cars there.

Stay Shitty. This was also unusual because this was the front window. Not the back. You can see the windshield wiper. Since it's on the front, shouldn't this be backwards?

One of those lame Ferrari SUV's.

You can have a crazy wrap, but it doesn't look that great.

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