Thursday, April 07, 2016

A bridge way, way, too far.

Ramen burgers. I've sort of been obsessed with these since there was a ramen festival in San Jose last year. I didn't go. But every since I've been dying to try one of these things. I finally got the chance to last night. Red Robin is selling these for the next two months.

I felt like if I hadn't tried a bad ramen burger, I would never know a good one. I mean, they aren't really a ramen place. So I figured it might be really mediocre. To my surprise, they actually did a decent job - however, this is the dense-ist burger I've ever tried without tasting dense. I wound up only eating half because I think it expands in your stomach.

You start out thinking - huh, this is not bad. Then you go on a weird journey. Because the texture is kinda weird. Sort of like a hash brown. Then by the time you are half way through, you are floating in fullness. Mr S. only ate half of his too, and this morning he said he was still full.

Now I feel like even if I found the best ramen burger in the world, I'm sort of out. That is way too much. But you have to try it once. Right?

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