Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Turn your real pets into virtual pets.

I've pretty much rejected the whole fitbit sector of Silicon Valley because I don't understand why 20 year olds think they need to excessively check their heart rate. It's one of the biggest fads ever. I've done the whole pedometer thing. That's how I know I logged 8 mile at CES one year. But you get over checking that pretty quickly. Once you've done 8 miles, you kinda get an idea what it takes to do 8 miles. Unless you are doing over that.... so what.

After going to CES this year though, I think you are gonna have to start checking your glucose a lot more because the market thinks everything is going to be automated. EVERYTHING. I don't even get up to change the temperature on the heater anymore because I have a Nest. I sort of hate that I love it so much.

At CES they pretty much had a device to feed your pets, let them contact you through twitter or video (I'm only half joking), and then a device to take the cat poop out of your litter so you don't have to clean the box anymore. There are also devices to entertain your cat with lasers.


  1. My dog would be absolutely terrified of that thing. God we are getting even more lazy.

  2. I could see dogs not liking that. I thought that whole litter depooper was was embarrassingly big. It came up to my waist. The guy running the booth was trying to convince me that bunnies would use it. He clearly didn't know at all how bunnies work. Plus I'm trying to minimize the fact I have house bunnies. Not make a flaming here is my litter box statement.

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