Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Just so everyone knows - I was TOTALLY serious.

I think it was two days ago when I turned to Mr S. and said - if this election turns out to be Trump v Sanders I am going to pat myself on the back so hard my arm will break. I will be the earliest to predict that. Read: President Honey Badger don't care. Written Aug 25 2015.

He turns to me and says - I didn't think you were serious.

Me - Really! I was totally serious. The nation is at a fork in the road. Socialism v capitalism. At the time I wasn't sure we weren't leaning towards the dark side.

People love the idea of socialism - but I've had two very good friends live on a commune with their parents. One a childhood friend. It's kinda a popular California thing to do. Their words say they love socialism, their actions - not so much.

I absolutely believed this was the choice we would have.

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