Thursday, January 07, 2016

I probably will not get to a full dump of CES until Saturday. I always think I'm going to post pictures while I'm here. Normally I only do one day. This year I'm doing two days which was a super good thing.

Before I came I read all these articles about how CES had gotten too big. I sort of thought they were woosies. I normally do CES marathon style. Almost a sprint at the end of the day to get everything. But CES this year was yuuuuuge. One year I did eight miles at CES. I would not be shocked if I did twice that this year. So i'm not going to get much out tonight.

There have been a lot of years were CES made me feel pretty freaked about the world. This was not one of those years. Which looking at some of the news is not a bad thing right now.

Its gonna take me a day to drive back.

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