Saturday, January 23, 2016

Birds are sort of tards.

It seems like a couple of times a year I get a bird strike on one of the big windows on the back side of my house. This morning I heard that familiar "ting" that  happens when a bird hits glass.

Most of the time they shrug off flying into a glass wall.. I've definitely seen the outline of a bird strike on the windows far more times than seeing the dead bird right below the window. Which actually has been never. I wonder if the glass cushions them from death. Anyway, from time to time I do find a bird that's hit the window so hard I'm sure he's seeing stars. Or whatever birds see when they've been clocked.

This always elicits some stress in the Snarkolepsy household. I don't want them to sufferdie. The small birds would be easy to dispatch them, but this dove was starting to cross the line. Maybe I'd have to take it to Lindsey Wildlife in the East Bay because he was bigger. If a crow is stupid enough to hit the window he's definitely going to Linsey. Crows are crazy smart, There is probably some crow mafia or something. And they hang in gangs. Crows are getting yuge. Almost the size of dogs in some places. I recently saw a crow at a McDonalds on the way to Vegas and it was eating a full sized McDonald hash brown.

Anyway. Mr S. usually rolls his eyes. because whatever happens in natures way. I kind of go out from time to time to nudge them along. If a human can't stress them out enough to fly away - maybe I'm going to have to put it out of it's misery. I mean - Mr S. is going to have to put them out of their misery. Sometimes this whole process can go on for a few hours. Thankfully they have all eventually get their act together and we haven't had to kill any of them. Nature figures it out. Doves do have cute pink blush in their cheeks feathers though.

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