Sunday, January 10, 2016

3D printing makes me excited again.

I've been writing about 3D printing for a solid 10 years now. So, I've really been sort of bored with this sector for a while. I've been waiting for the printer wars to sort themselves out. And really to find out who lives. The sector is struggling at the moment. I still think its absolutely the future, but they took this open source I believe to get more people into the tent. That also makes everyone in the tent make less money.

I personally think the resin printers will win. They have much better resolution, and it's the closest to what the inventor Chuck Hull envisioned. From wikipedia "Hull first came up with the idea in 1983 when he was using UV light to harden tabletop coatings." Plus, I've never really thought people would be okay having spools of filament sitting around everywhere. And I really mean everywhere. Look how much space this takes up!

Now look at how much space these new bottles from DWS LAB take up. I didn't even really take pictures of the printer (which you can see a little in the background)  because I'm still bored by that. You can go to their website if you are interested enough. But the printer resin I can now see people storing in their homes. Which really made me excited. No girl wants to have a closet full of printer spools. Something needs to bring this garage device into the home. And I think these fashionable resin bottles might get us closer to that.

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