Monday, January 04, 2016

Americans cling to their guns and windows?

"Windows 10 budges a bit as masses cling to Windows 7."

I personally think Microsoft is trying to kill themselves. They seem to think that Windows users are a captive audience because they think upgrading all your stuff to a new OS is cost prohibitive for most people. I've known a lot of dead Silicon Valley companies who had that same philosophy.

The thing they don't realise is people, I mean "clingers" have put off buying windows machines for quite a few years now. These machines are going to start dying, and that cost won't seem like such a burden.

I took one of my Windows machines out of rotation this Christmas which was actually a huge deal for the Snarkolepsy household. I worked at Apple back in the day and vowed to never buy one of their products.

Your move Microsoft.

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