Sunday, August 03, 2014

You are paying way too much for Netflix.

Everyone must have been going to the beach this weekend because highway 17 was crushed. I'm still on this "grits obsession" , so I needed to find my way to Southern Kitchen in Los Gatos. Normally I come in on the roads from the left side of the freeway when I need to start taking back roads. But this time I went the Winchester Blvd route. This brings you in paralleling the freeway on the right. Which took me right past the NetFlix campus.

Oh people.

It isn't unusual to have really nice campuses around here. It's sort of a competition. Having a fun cool building helps you attract talent. But not only was this campus super swank, but Los Gatos has to be the most expensive land that exists in the Bay Area. This campus is almost like seeing the most expensive super car you can find. Los Gatos is old money. Super old money. It's sort of land locked by mountains. It's the sort of place that a company might rent an estate instead of renting office space. Mostly because there isn't much of it. Los Gatos is more like a village. A really wealthy village. They have a rolls dealership right downtown.

I'm not a money hater - but wow... Netflix is a baller.

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