Thursday, August 14, 2014

Here, there. Everywhere. Even in my area.

Bay Area home prices plateau on slowing sales.

"Real estate agents in the East Bay report seeing an increasing number of price reductions, with many homes taking longer to sell than they have for much of the year."


"Sales were down or just slightly up in most counties, with Santa Clara seeing the biggest dive ---14.8 percent from July 2013.

For the nine-county Bay Area, sales were off by 6.7 percent.

Investors appeared to be retreating from the region's housing market, as absentee buyers -- mostly investors -- made up 18.8 percent of all Bay Area home sales, the lowest since September 2012"

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  1. You know, many decades after I last saw him, I met somebody I'd gone to Medio-Central Hungary U. (Debrecen) with, and he said to me, "You're exactly like you were back in the Dark Ages."

    Same applies to you. Six years later, and you still care about this shit! Face it. Bernanke and Yellen won. They can print a giga-ton of money out of thin air, and nobody notices. Must be nice work if you can get it.

    Maybe they'll drop those balls in the long term, but as we all know, in the long term even John Maynard Keynes is dead, so who cares?

    Anyhoo, nice to check in and see a bit of stability in this increasingly insane world. I hope you, your bunnies and Mr. S. are enjoying the ride.

    Muchos hugs,