Monday, August 04, 2014

They expose all his lies.

"In recent weeks, Obama has begun to use words like "booming" to describe the economy, and to cite "record" growth in various areas. It's a rhetorical shift driven by a political calculus in an election year—and a presidential timing calculus: Obama knows he has more of his presidency in the rear view mirror than ahead. And with GDP expanding at a robust 4 percent annual rate as of last week, his aides are confident that the strong numbers will continue, making it less of a risk to tout success now. " Here.  

Today I was able to find a mortgage at 3.87%. Not easily. But you could fairly easily find one at 3.97% or 4.03%. It's the first time in a long time I've seen them down around the 3.87 range. At least it will help spark some refi activity. However - there is no way the economy is growing at 4%, and the interest rates keep falling like that. It defies logic. Better economic activity causes interest rates to rise - not fall.

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