Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What used to be.

I had to put some space in between this post and the last one about Stocktoncon. I want to be respectful. At the same time, some these celeb areas make me pretty uncomfortable. Most of these people are basically doing the celebrity skid row tour. Which should be a wake up call to all of you. Your money will not last as long as you think it will. Even crazy commie Danny Glover must be running low on cash if he is hanging out in Stockton for autograph money. It makes me happy in a way. Because I am a mean person like that. I think he is a horrible person.

I have to give Todd Bridges props. He's holding up pretty well. He was friendly and approachable. There is something to be said about flaming out early rather than later in life.

Richard Kiel is at all of these shows.

Some strange choices were Kristy McNichol, Lorenso Lamas and Linda Blair. All of which were none too happy to be there. They didn't get much traffic at their booths because they were not at all approachable. And unless you paid, they were not letting you get a good shot to save your life.

At least Richard Kiel gets it. He knows a his lane. A lot of people are going to take pictures while passing by. He seems content enough to foster his fan base and make the money he can on autographs and people who want to be in the picture with him. The others just seems like they were forced there by a cattle prod.

Linda Blair was the worst. She was very aware of the camera and rebuffed every single attempt.


  1. Interesting, who knew that there was a market for signing autographs. I love obscure markets. Lets get down to the dollars and cents. What do you know about the value of these things? Hard to imagine it would even be worth their time to show up. How much were they charging and how many customers do you think they get in a day. We made $2100 at our last arcade convention and that almost wasn't worth the work of doing a weekend. As a celeb, I would need to get that in a single day before it would be worth my time to consider it. Do you think that they are getting appearance fees too? I wonder what this does to the resell value of their autographs. If they could just sell one or two for top dollar on ebay they might be better off not dilluting their brand. DF

  2. I don't know anything about the value.

    They must get some of pay in addition to the cash they get from attendees. You'd have to be a Carrie Fisher to make serious bank. Even with that - it must be quite the step down in pay from what they were used to getting.

    I think most were charging 20-60 bucks. I doubt anyone could churn one for more than that on Ebay. I'm never sure how these people make any money. Some have no choice, but some I think do it to keep their brand solid.

  3. Good God. Do you take pictures of whinos pissing themselves too?

  4. Oh Keyser - you've been reading this blog long enough to know the answer to that. I thought that's why you loved us.