Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Maybe we will have an early winter?

There is some exciting stuff happening in weather today. Twin hurricanes are making across the Pacific to Hawaii. I saw this storm a couple of days ago and was sure it wouldn't make it. It even lost it's tiny pin hole eye, I think yesterday. Which it looks like it's trying to hold onto again today. From time to time these types of storms will send subtropical moisture up, and we are pretty desperate around here.  Even for hurricanes. Sometimes Pacific hurricanes can give us some awesome lightning. Which is kinda a treat because we almost never get it even in winter. Subtropical storms are your best bet.

As I was looking at the vapor loop last night - one thing occurred to me. I can't see the bubble. The so called Ridiculously Resilient Ridge that all of our storms have been riding over. Normally it sits in that space between Baja and Hawaii.  Right now those hurricanes occupy that space. I think it might be over Colorado now. All of the orange color is dry air. All the color is moisture. I haven't seen that ridge do more than travel from Hawaii to Baja the whole year. Back and forth. It exciting that something has finally moved it. No matter how temporarily.

Today I was starting to wonder if we would have an early winter. It's hard to tell because a lot of the trees are just shriveling, but some look like they are actually trying to send out fall colors. In general the trees are starting to look the way they might in the middle of October.

I couldn't really get good shots today because the air is super hazy, and it's reflecting light in a way that is super weird. I think I'll probably try to get some video this weekend. It's hard to convey how dry things are to someone who doesn't know what normal looks like around here. Sure those parched soil pictures do it right away. But anyone can post those. The trees dying are a different thing. When it's one or two - meh. But things are starting to look kinda crazy now.

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