Sunday, August 03, 2014

Today I got you a Unimog.

I saw this from the other side of the parking lot and had to go investigate. You find the best stuff in parking lots. See, this blog brings you more than fancy super cars. This is pretty bad ass. It does only go 45 MPH though. But I'd never seen one of these, so I learned a lot. Like how much it costs to import one. And because it was camo painted it could only be imported into certain ports. It's about the coolest vehicle I've seen this week. It got a turret hole!


  1. I often wonder if there has ever been an accident liability case where the fact that a vehicle is camouflage ends up being a deciding factor in the case. I mean if the car is designed to blend in, doesn't that increase the risk of someome not seeing it? Then again how could antone miss seeing something that big. DF

  2. Hey - if old people can plow into stores - which they can clearly see - I guess anything is possible.