Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I should learn to be a better suck up.

One of the funniest things that happened at Pebble Beach was when we found the McLaren Booth. Well.. it's more like a giant tent building. It turned out that they were having a private party, and they weren't letting anyone not on the list in. When Mr S. went to walk away he said - well, I guess we aren't going to see the new McLaren. We'll see Mr S. - we will see, I replied. At that moment I saw a bunch of people up on the elevated balcony.

I yelled out - excuse me! Can you take some pictures of the cars for me? And the guy said yes! There was a huge hedge between me and the guy, and the only way I was able to hand off my camera was with Mr S.'s long arms. When he came back I thanked him profusely. It was at that moment I saw people walking out of the reserved area, and I'd thought they'd briefly opened it up to everyone else. So I walked up and asked them if I could just go in and take a couple of pictures. No luck.

Just then I thought I better get some back up shots. You can not have enough pictures to chose from. So I walked back over the the elevated balcony and asked another guy if he could take some shots for me.

While I was waiting for him to come back, a lady who'd been sitting on a chaise lounge looked at me and said - didn't you just ask some other guy to take pictures for you? And she kinda hesitated as if to say - what's up with that.

I laughed and said - yeah, that was me. It's always good to have a few backup shots. We made some small talk while I was waiting. Then I asked her - well....how did you get in? She sheepishly looked at the ground for a second and said - I know the McLarens. At that moment my head exploded. First she was a girl. A girl who was not all bimbo'ed out. Just a normal girl and she knew the McLarens. It was like she was rock star adjacent!

Later in the day I told Mr S. - I should have asked that girl how I could be her friend. He said - yeah, you should have sucked up to her. But anyone who reads this blog must know that isn't my thing.

All the shots in this post were taken by someone else with my camera.

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