Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bubble Nazi series.

The past few years it feels like I've had a giant stick up my butt about a lot of things. So today I found it super amusing to run into this guy who seems to have one of the funnest hobbies on earth making bubbles. He spent half of his time telling children not to pop his bubbles "because it was art". Seriously. To be fair, that bubble does look like a duck.

I've seen him at a lot of other things like Maker Faire, but he always gets pushed out because it's really hard to take pictures of bubbles, and there is so much other stuff to show you. Today however, he was the funniest thing in the room. So to speak. I thought to myself - self, the world has made you a little bitter. But not that bitter! I think there is still hope for me. I mean, clearly artist have a lot of stress. Like children ruining their art.

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