Saturday, August 24, 2013

Your regularly scheduled program of Neighbor Wars has been canceled.

Last week the tree trimmers showed up to cut my neighbors trees to the back. Nothing happens fast in Obamas economy. Believe me. Nothing. It must have been a month ago my neighbor booked them. The interesting thing about this story is - they also showed up to trim the tree of the other neighbor I had a falling out with. The one who thought that you planted a tree and the whole village raised it and whatever fell from it was a miracle from above. Well, that last part I'm probably being bitchy about. But they definitely didn't think they had an obligation to trim the parts of their trees that hung over into my yard.

Keep with me now. I wanted the corner neighbor to trim their tree because it was making me insane. Here. They had a hissy fit so I decided I better have the guy to the back trim his trees before he became too entrenched in absorbing my land like the corner neighbor. This made him remember he has a beef with that other neighbor too because their tree was over his yard by about 30 feet and he wanted them to trim their tree as well..

You can see how giant this tree was from the front of the house. From the back it was so large you couldn't get it into one frame.

So, I woke up and the same company was working on both trees. Somehow the neighbors decided to co-ordinate the trimming. I was pretty stunned by this. And happy of course. I mean, they cleaned these trees out! At first I wasn't sure it wasn't some kind of a bitter - I'll show her! Because they really took so much off.

I went to the first neighbor, and they were thrilled. I asked them about the other neighbors because even though we'd had a falling out - I still wanted to thank them. I wasn't trying to be an asshole, their tree was just causing me so much work. I couldn't take it anymore.

I decided that no matter how the neighbor felt I was going to go over and tell her that I really appreciated the trim and it looked beautiful. No matter what our differences were. I also brought some Karas Cupcakes. How can you be shitty with cupcakes Yo? At any rate, we wound up hugging it out. Literally. And I think the balance of the universe has been restored.

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