Friday, August 16, 2013

Comcast is obviously hiring people who have never heard of the Internet.

Right now I have talked to 11 people at Comcast. They are sending me back to 2nd level support. Which I've been at three times now. My issue is still not resolved. But they have found news ways to hang up on me. My "chat" with Comcast, took 45 minutes and before I could even respond to the last statement she sent a reset to my modem. Which she didn't tell me she was going to do. Chat ended. So I had to call them once again.

analyst Khara has entered room

Khara: Hello (real name here), Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Khara. Please give me one moment to review your information.

(real name here): My Issue: I upgraded my modem a couple of days ago, and the girl who activated it only did the modem. She did not activate my personal web page that I've been using for years.

Khara: Greetings! A pleasant day to you. I look forward to helping you today.

(real name here): Thank you

Khara: You are most welcome.

Khara: I understand that you want to activate your personal web page, am I right?

(real name here): Well, it was activated until I upgraded my modem. So yes. I just want you to turn it back on.

Khara: May I ask if you can access your webpage through this link:

(real name here): no

(real name here): I also can not ftp into

Khara: Do you receive any error messages when you try to access your personal web page?

(real name here): Yes. It tells me my login is incorrect. I've read on the internet the reason is because my personal web page has been disabled. Or not ENABLED when I upgraded my modem. I can log in via a web browser

Khara: Do not worry, we will check on that one.

Khara: Thank you for providing that information.

Khara: Please allow me a minute or two to pull up your account so we can check it. Is that okay with you?

(real name here): yes

Khara: Thank you.

Khara: Thanks for patiently waiting, (real name here).

Khara: To fully understand and to better assist you with your concern, would you mind if I would ask you some questions?

(real name here): No problem

Khara: Thank you.

(real name here): okay

Khara: May I ask what user ID are you using to access your web page?

(real name here): snarkolepsy

Khara: Thank you.

Khara: May I ask if you are able to log in to

(real name here): yes

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Khara: (real name here), I will need to attempt to reset your account password to try and duplicate issue. DO you grant permission to reset password?

(real name here): I'm not sure why you need to reset my passwd to reactivate my personal web page.

Khara: (real name here), I would like to inform you that the ability to activate Personal Web Page has been disabled that is why we need to escalate this one so that the higher fix department can fix the issue good for us.

(real name here): I don't use the web page. I just use FTP for personal image storage. Are you familiar with FTP? File transfer Protocal.

Khara: Yes, (real name here). I understand that. One way of resolving the issue is to reset your password and let you try to log in using the new password.

(real name here): The passwd is NOT the problem! The problem is that when I upgraded my modem the girl didn't activate anything else on my account. Inclusing my phone. I had to call back. I just want you to activate the things I already had on my account.

(real name here): I want you to reactive my personal web page so I can log in via the command prompt using ftp.

Khara: (real name here), everything on your account is in active status.

The analyst has left and your issue has been closed.

Waiting for response from Khara

user (real name here) has left room

Khara: Analyst has closed chat and left the room

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